Edgar B. 1/18/2022

Amazing results after my first visit. Had Bell's Palsy and after my visit here I'm healing much faster and feeling much more relaxed. Thank you


Yvana T. 3/15/2021

EunKyung is a skilled and very professional Acupuncturist who takes the time to get to know her patients and assesses my unique condition. When offering her services she used sterile and clean equipment. She is very skilled and has extensive knowledge with equal professional experience and the graduate level education to match. She is also very kind and understanding  please consider her with looking for an Acupuncture or holistic center in the Inland empire.


Felicia T.  2/24/2021

I was injured on the job 6/2020.  I received about 20 physical therapy treatments for my back pain. My pain would subside for a few days then return. I was offered acupuncture  treatments as an alternative to cortisone injections.  I'm not fond of needles but it was agreeable.  I read the reviews and decided on Harmony Acupuncture and Wellness Center off Brockton in Riverside.  What a difference she is so good, knowledgeable and not to mention patient. She communicated with me every time she placed the needles. I was gradually able to tolerate more needles and saw great results. But my amazement was that she treated my entire body. If I complained of sinuses, lack of sleep etc she would address those issues as well which relayed to me a real interest in my overall health not just my back injury.   My treatments are coming to an end.  I'm trying  to get approval for  recurring acupuncture to maintain my pain and wellness  which will allow me to keep performing my job. After getting treatment here  I would only turn to Harmony Acupuncture.


Terry W.  1/7/2021

Excellent care and treatment for my back issues and sciatica. After cupping, dry needling and laser heat, I am back feeling like myself again. Sciatica gone and back to joining in my favorite activities again!!!


Ruthie M.  3/9/2020

I came in curious how acupuncture actually works considering I have a couple of health issues that have come up. I walked in with a huge headache and walked out with huge relief almost immediately starting the acupuncture treatment. She was very knowledgeable and concerned, which is perfect.



Ron V. 3/3/2020

I was having trouble with vertigo. Ms Parks has done a wonderful job on me. Her advice on nutrition has helped me greatly.


Tammy S. 12/23/2019

The place is clean and the therapist is very nice and knowledgeable . She goes above and beyond . I would recommend this place .


Umair A.  9/5/2019

Finally! A doctor that shows care for their patient. She really does want to spend time with her patients so do try to come early and on time. She really helps you find what the problem you might have and only suggests based on necessity. My entire family has been treated by her for cupping, acupuncture, and nutrition advice. Thank you!


Rhonda F. 8/23/2019

Dr. Park is amazing! I always leave her office able to function and with less pain then when I came. By the next morning pain is completely gone and I can always return to my normal activities. I recommend her to all looking for and alternative to health.


Alice B. 7/17/2019

I really enjoyed my acupuncture experience. This was my first time to try Acupuncture and after a friend had a good experience she encouraged me to try Harmony. We arrived together and after I completed a medical history questionnaire Eunkyung sat with me for another 15 minutes discussing health and nutrition. I experienced Acupuncture and cupping for the first time. She was sure to let me know that some people bruise and let me decided how to proceed. I was very relaxed and my neck felt better. I will return for more treatments. My friend did the cosmetic Acupuncture and after the 2nd treatment, wow I want to it it too.


Cateria A. 4/16/2019

Dr. Parks is truly God sent! I came into her office with really bad migraines seeking acupuncture as my last resort. She immediately made me feel welcomed and concerned about my issue to find a solution for me. Not only was she able to help reduce my headaches but cured me from other ongoing issues I've had since a child! I suffered from cold hands and feet almost my whole life and have always needed to wear socks even in warm weather. The day after my 1st Acupuncture treatment I noticed myself barefoot and not feeling my feet were freezing, something I have never felt as long as I could remember. It literally felt like a miracle! She has also regulated a lot of issues I had through her detoxification and nutritional expertise. She really cares about her patients' concerns and goes beyond and more for us. She has given me a whole new outlook on the importance of my health and nutrition! I'm so grateful to have found her and can honestly say that I feel rejuvenated as I did in my early teenage years! She is amazing and I recommend her over 100% to anyone trying to stop using medications and finding a natural way to nourish back to good health!!!


Diana K. 4/4/2019

Eunkyung Park was wonderful with my daughter. She sprained her wrist at gymnastics and was having a lot of pain. Jennifer really took her time and also worked on her back, that has been hurting her from gymnastics. When we left my daughter's wrist was already feeling better. I could tell that she overall felt much better. Thank you for caring so much!


M L. 1/7/2019 

Dr. Park is so knowledgeable, patient and very educated. I have been to many different acupuncturist and TCM doctors over the span of 15 years and she is one of the best I have ever seen. She really cares takes the time and most importantly she knows what she is doing. My energy has improved, my medical issues have improved and through her knowledge of a holistic approach, I feel so much better in general.


Elise D. 1/4/2019

Treatment has reduced stress and pain for me. I feel less tired. Eunkyung Park is kind and very knowledgeable.


Scott L. 1/3/2019

Dr. Park is a skilled and caring professional.I originally went to see her for my low back pain which she has been a tremendous help with. Her diet and supplement advice has improved my health to the point that I no longer need my Thyroid meds. Nice office in a nice part of town and she took my insurance too. Definitely going to continue seeing Dr. Park.


Alma C. 1/3/2019

If you are looking  for a holistic and knowledgeable acupuncturist, then I highly recommend Miss Park. Miss Park is very knowledgeable in what your body is lacking and what it needs. She has helped and continues to help me with my neck pain and headaches, as well as detoxification of bad minerals. I have seen a major difference in how I feel both physically and emotionally. Miss Park takes the time to listen to your concerns and lays out a thorough plan to reach your health goals. She goes above and beyond for her patients. I am so thankful I found her, she has been a true blessing!