Nutrition Program

Our bodies are exposed to everyday toxins in our air, water, food and even right in our own homes. Over time, those toxins may build up in the body and affect our overall health. Nutritional conditions affect our health when our body lacks appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals or suffers an excess of sugar and bad fats (saturated fats). 

Good nutrition to which anyone has adapted is both preventive and therapeutic. It prevents the diseases that will inevitably occur if the nutrition is deficient in quantity or quality, and if the diet that had made the people sick is corrected. However, even the best diet is not always adequate because the nutrition content of our food has been depleted, degraded, and contaminated by modern agricultural and food processing practices.

The countless substances’ chemical reactions occurred in cells and mitochondria determine human’s health and well-being. The substances referred to nutrients are required in optimum amounts for the proper chemical reaction. Nutrition provides the foundation for all the bodies’ metabolic reactions and restorative processes. The hormonal systems, the immune system, and the energy production system are dependent upon an adequate supply of nutrients. If the cells of the body are supplied with a less than optimum amount of any nutrient then the efficiency of the body will be impeded in some way. The internal bodily environment that weakens the immune system is due to a combination of multiple causes and conditions such as lack of proper nutrition and increase of deleterious substances. If the causes and conditions of disease are untreated even after removal of the disease symptoms, those are responsible for the high rate of disease recurrence and progression.

We try to investigate the underlying cause of common complaints, such as chronic fatigue, recurring headaches, unusual weight gain, thyroid issue and aching joints. Your acupuncturist in Riverside, Dr. Park, is trained to recognize symptoms of nutritional conditions and will develop a personalized program to stabilize your body's chemistry while eliminating symptoms of nutrient imbalance.

This holistic approach where the underlying physical, chemical and emotional stressors are supported to help the body reduce inflammation so the body can start to heal itself.

Nutrition program does not involve treating medical diseases or prescribing medications; rather we utilize homeopathic and botanical medicines, including vitamin supplements, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, nutraceuticals and glandular extracts, as well as diet modification and weight control to address the root cause of poor health and to support our patient’s overall wellness.

Nutrition program is nutrition based care focused on building health by restoring proper functioning in the body. Experiencing multiple symptoms is your body’s way of telling you that it’s NOT functioning optimally. Rather than covering up or suppressing symptoms with medications, nutrition program will evaluate symptoms and test to uncover the root CAUSE of the dysfunction. It requires a customized strategy to achieve and sustain optimal health.


Nutrition program

The Nutrition programs are established upon personalized detailed analysis of a patient's condition.

Remove the stressor and metabolic disturbance to restore a healthy bodily environment and enhance immunity:

These may include:

    • Abnormal bacterial intestinal flora
    • Chronic infections
    • Heavy metal toxicities
    • Environmental, occupational and lifestyle factors
    • Hormone Imbalances
    • Nutritional imbalances
    • Education in a healthy lifestyle, nutrition etc


Mutual Commitment

A holistic addresses the WHOLE of YOU and focuses on improving all lifestyle factors including stress reduction, improved sleep and activity, practicing mindfulness plus balanced nutrition.

In order to achieve results, mutual commitment is key.  Our role is to create a comprehensive program, based on root CAUSE discovery, to help YOU move towards health and away from interference.  However, they can’t do the work for YOU.  Ensuring the best results requires YOU to become an active participant in your health.